Automation Updates 🎉
Users management and pricing update
Automation Updates 🎉
Fix & Issues
12 Nov - Service Disruption

Hey there - we're suffering from heavy service disruption from Google (yes, mighty Google).
We're doing everything we can to get it back to normal, although it seems it does not depend entirely on us.

✅ All systems back to normal

Hello 👋
As stated in our previous announcement, we've had a slight issue with one of our IP provider.
The problem is now completely resolved.
Amongst other, impacted automations:

  • Website Scraper
  • Google Maps

Everything is back to normal, we apologize for any inconvenience.
Have a nice week-end 🎉

Fix & Issues
Issue with IPs

Hey there 👋
One of our IP provider is having issues at the moment, which results in automations like Google Maps and Website Scraper breaking.
We're doing everything we can to resolve this by working with them - sadly we don't have a clear ETA on the matter.
We'll keep you updated.
Thank you for your patience 🙌

Fix & Issues
⚠️ Platform Under Maintenance

Dear users,

We've experienced some issues making all automation momentarily unavailable on Captain Data.

Rest assured that we put all the resources forward to paliate to the issue and restore the service ASAP.

Thanks for your understanding and patience. We'll make a new announcement very soon to let yo know you can use the platform normally again.

Captain Data Team

18/10/21 - New onboarding & Automation store