Add LinkedIn Profiles "Open To Work" Status When Retrieving Profile

As an individual on LinkedIn there are 2 "Open To Work" states. You can either set it to public (so everybody can see you are "Open To Work") or private, where only those with a "Recruiter" subscription status can see it. People with a "Recruiter Lite" subscription shows there are people who are "Open To Work" in the search results BUT doesn't let you see who they are, even the public ones don't show in the list, you have to go to each profile individually where if they have "Open To Work" set as public you can see it - without any "Recruiter/Lite" subscription. Would really like to see that public "Open To Work" status included in all automations that retrieve an individual LinkedInProfile. For example where you have a Recruiter Lite search results automation, include that public "Open To Work" against each profile. Thanks.