18/10/21 - New onboarding & Automation store

Hello there 🙌 ## Onboarding We're entirely opening the platform, with a complete new onboarding. We'll slowly enhance it with additional resources, like intro and tutorial videos, to help you get the best out of Captain Data! You'll be able to find all those resources inside the "**Onboarding**" section in the navigation menu (still WIP). ## Automation Store We're updating the automation store to make it more easy to explore: You can filter by use cases, by clicking on the side menu displaying use casesOnce you filter by a use case, you can even click on an app to refine your search. You can still combine multiple apps together to find templates matching the selected apps If you search (top search bar), it'll search across our entire templates' library Finally, you can filter if you want only multi-steps workflows or single-step workflows (just automating 1 task) ![New Captain Data Store .png](BASE/products/62287799/changelog/2523/inline-692971b7a8bacf294ad50d6d2f7b86fe.jpg) Don't hesitate to give us feedback! ## API Performances We've optimized the API so it should be even faster than before - this is the first roll-out, more will come. ## Help Center Our [Help Center](https://help.captaindata.co/) will now **centralize everything** when it comes to how-to guides. ## Next Releases In the next few weeks, we'll add: * More automations, like Lusha and FullContact * An even better onboarding experience * An enhanced way to visualize errors and resolve them * API & database optimizations * And most of all, we're preparing our **workflow editor for Q1 2022**, that will enable you to build anything you'd like, always without coding :) Stay tuned! PS: this new version should not hinder performances, if it's the case, contact us on the support.