Users management and pricing update

## What's new? 🎉 On Sunday we released a new users management system on **[Captain Data](** to make it more scalable. We also updated our pricing to make it fit perfectly to your needs when it comes to tasks and users. What does it change for you? Nothing, except things will be clearer. ### Users Accounts, sharing, blabla.. we used our own jargon when we actually realized that what we talked about was essentially: **users** We’ve simplified the platform in this direction: one user, think of it as a licence, can be synchronized to any integrations: LinkedIn, Dropcontact or anything else. A user can either use directly the platform, or be external, without access to your workspace: very handy for agencies and team scaling fast. Each new user comes with an additional **10 000 tasks** - if you’re adding users, you probably want to automate more, right 🙂 ### New Users Management System The new users management system allows you to have a clear vision of the roles and apps attributed to the different users you registered on the platform.  Go to **[My Account]( > Users** to see the list of users (note: you need to be a workspace owner to see the users). Note: we’ll slowly introduce more roles for better granularity. ![Workspace _ Users management.png](BASE/products/62287799/changelog/3294/inline-12e5f99f0393d2fb1d42343a208aa798.jpg) * An **owner** has all the rights on the platform. He can view all users, delete and edit them as well as promote them to owners. He can also select the connected accounts he wants to use in a workflow. More, he can upgrade and downgrade the subscription and edit billing details. It’s a perfect role for the owner of the project * A **user** has all the basic rights but cannot access the subscription and billing details. It’s a perfect role to attribute to the members of your marketing and sales team, for example * An **external user** has a restrictive usage on the platform and can only connect his accounts. It’s a perfect role to attribute to your clients ### New Pricing Model Having too many plans to choose from is not always ideal. Sometimes you need more users than tasks, sometimes you only need tasks, etc. The starting point is also much lower, enabling you to test right ahead, without thinking much about costs. To simplify things, we’re introducing 3 plans: * **Starter** is the perfect plan to easily get started with the platform * **Professional** is going to be the go-to plan to start growing * **Growth** is designed to help you scale your ops ![Workspace _ Subscription (1).png](BASE/products/62287799/changelog/3294/inline-9d51319bca451e49a8a0d0a110db2f43.jpg) If you’re subscribed to the previous pricing model and wondering if your subscription is going to change, read the section **Migration** of this email. Each pricing model gives you a set number of users and tasks. Instead of upgrading your subscription, you can now **buy these two add-ons separately and according to your needs.** Remember that each user that you buy gives you **10 000 tasks** in addition. For example, if you need 2 users in addition next month, you’ll be able to add them to your project by upgrading your additional number of users in the add-on section, and downgrade when your need is over. It’s the same logic for tasks. All in all, it gives you all the control you need to fine-tune your workspace and spend only for what you use and pay. Note that all add-ons are **recurring**, renewing each month, so if you don’t need the tasks or users month to month, remember to downgrade at some point. ![Workspace _ Add-ons (2).png](BASE/products/62287799/changelog/3294/inline-b7bc128a5a4894f8c67162c70e7c1cf1.jpg) If you need more information, read those related articles: * [Manage your subscription]( * [Count and predict tasks consumption]( * [Users management]( ### Enterprise We’ve kept our Enterprise plan and we still offer ramp-up periods 🎉 You can create and manage users through the API and everything is linked directly to your billing - this will simplify our job and yours since you have all the data you need to manage your subscription! You can activate billing via the API in the settings [here]( ### Migration You’re one of our old plan subscribers? See below how you can switch to one of our a new plans: ![Workspace _ Old plan.png](BASE/products/62287799/changelog/3294/inline-b654cb86992015a615a7baaac256efb2.jpg) In the Plans section, you can simply subscribe to the new plan that suits you best by clicking on the Subscribe button. Your new subscription will be taken into account after your current billing cycle.  Best, Guillaume *Co-Founder*