Our most asked feature is coming soon 🤫

The **Workflow Editor**, one of our most expected feature of the year, is coming very soon! ### Build your own workflows, in no time Ever dreamed of building your own automated workflows? Well, our team is making your dream come true! On **March 7th** *, you’ll be able to build your own workflows by linking together multiple automations available on the platform. Imagination will be the only limit! Here's a little snippet of what it will look like: ![image.png](BASE/products/62287799/changelog/8842/inline-e1ac4978ce7a68a8d15f5cb07dd1989f.jpg) ### How will it work? As simple as this: by **linking different automation blocks between them**. For each automation block you’ll be adding to your workflow, you’ll be able to **retrieve data from the previous step** to build the next one.  **Data aggregation** will also be possible between automations, giving you the opportunity to **customize your outputs**.  As it will be the first release, we know that it won’t be flawless! Every feedback is welcomed as it will help us build the best feature possible, just for you 🤗. We will keep you updated in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can continue to upvote or add new automation ideas to our [public roadmap](https://feedback.captaindata.co/). Best, Guillaume *Co-Founder * *We'll start releasing it the 6th